The Christian community of Sts. Mary and John welcomes you with great joy! In its name I claim you for Christ our Savior…

The Rite of Infant Baptism

The birth or the adoption of a child marks a significant transition in the life of the parents and the family.  It is a natural time for growth in both intimacy and faith.  And just as it is a time of grace for the parents and family, it is also a time of great joy for the Church.

To prepare for this great celebration,
Sts. Mary and John Parish offers Baptismal Preparation for all parents that helps our young families navigate this transitional time to the best outcome, grace building on nature.

Parents seeking baptism for their child(ren) are required to be active members of the parish and attend formational sessions before scheduling a baptism.  The ideal time for parents to participate is mid-pregnancy or several months before an adoption.  The Baptismal Preparation is separated into two sessions and is offered three times a year.

Reservations are necessary.

For more information or to register, Contact Kim Kuehn in the parish office  at 425-1577 x 210.